Moksha by Andrew Thomas -

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Patinated Bronze - limited edition of 9 - Dimensions: H 30 x W 24 x D 14 cm
Enter the tranquil realm of 'Moksha', an exquisite bronze sculpture from my 'Transformation' series that embodies the profound concept of liberation from Samsara. With serene grace, 'Moksha' transcends the boundaries of the physical world, inviting viewers to explore the depths of spiritual awakening and inner peace. Named after the Sanskrit term for liberation, 'Moksha' captures the essence of breaking free from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Through her calm presence and timeless beauty, she serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for those seeking liberation from life's endless struggles. Each intricately carved detail of 'Moksha' tells a story of enlightenment and transcendence. Adorned with symbols of ancient wisdom, including the sacred solfeggio frequency of 528Hz and the divine chant of "Om Shanti," the sculpture resonates with harmonious vibrations that elevate the soul and quiet the mind. As you gaze upon 'Moksha', let her serene presence wash over you, inviting you to delve deeper into the mysteries of existence and discover the true essence of inner peace. Whether displayed in a sacred space or a contemporary setting, Moksha' serves as a compelling reminder of the transformative influence of art and the eternal quest for spiritual fulfilment.
The Transformation Series is only available for exhibit as an installation of all nine pieces in the collection. If you think that your venue has a suitable space and would like to be considered to host the collection, please complete the form below, thank you.
Transformation Series
Andrew Thomas - Pure-Art
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